20140314 (Friday, 14 March 2014)

We decided to re-activate the lino_welfare.modlib.courses app for lino_welfare.settings.fr. Then we discovered that the lino.modlib.courses app is probably more suitable. In fact not exactly: e.g.

  • TeacherType and PupilType are not needed

  • pupils are always instances of pcsw.Client, teachers are always instances of users.User.

Started lino_welfare.settings.fr.pcsw because it seems clear that Chatelet and Eupen will need their own ClientDetail.

Started lino_welfare.modlib.sales which is a Dmmy module to satisfy lino.modlib.courses.

A little API change

ClientDetail used to show aa stupid cal.EventsByProject in the Calendar tab. But this table did not detect events where the current client is “only” a participant and not in the Event.project field.

To get this done I had to do a (minor) API change: lino.core.actors.Table.get_queryset is now being called with the ActionRequest as argument.


def get_queryset(self):

Now you must say:

def get_queryset(self, ar):