20140315 (Saturday, 15 March 2014)

  • docs/tickets/100

  • Fixed a bug in atelier.sphinxconf: The tickets_table was not able to handle documents with backticks (\`) in the title.

  • Also added scripts/shotwell2blog.py to the atelier repository. In fact it has not really to do with atelier, but I didn’t want to create a project just for this.

Change in djangosite: the hidden_apps setting was not enough. I replaced it by get_apps_modifiers.

The week in Chatelet taught me that we will probably have many variants of Lino Welfare. I renamed lino_welfare.settings.fr to lino_welfare.settings.chatelet, created a new package lino_welfare.settings.eupen, started a new module lino.settings.base which is common base for eupen and chatelet.

Note that the names eupen and chatelet don’t mean that every new site will get it’s own package. eupen means rather “as they work in Eupen” (and chatelet means “as they work in Chatelet”).