Wednesday, August 13, 2014

More about Aid Confirmations

Added two boolean fields print_directly and signed_by_primary_coach to aids.ConfirmationType.

Added a print_directly boolean to excerpts.ExcerptType. Default value is True. If this is unchecked, CreateExcerpt shows the created excerpt instead of printing it directly and showing the result. This is useful when the user wants a possibility to edit recipient and language.

The detail_layout of an Excerpt now has a window_size (is no longer fullscreen), and I removed the preview field. Because that seems more natural.

Added new fields doctor and doctor_type to RefundConfirmation.

Added body template for RefundConfirmation.


  • Finish amk.body.html

  • Fill list of DoctorTypes

Notes after phone meeting with Gerd:

Okay, wir kommen der Sache immer näher

  • Momentane Tabelle “Bestätigungen” (Confirmations) wird umbenannt nach “Bescheinigungen”.

  • Empfänger und Sprache von Excerpt nach Confirmation

  • Neue Tabelle “Hilfebestätigungen” (Grant): aid_type board und signer kommen con Confirmation nach Grant

  • ExcerptTypes der Bestätigungen werden certifying (also nur ein Ausdruck pro Confirmation)