Sunday, August 31, 2014

Refreshing the home page

In the middle of the night I found a workaround for yesterday’s problem:

The explanation is as follows: when an Ext.Window is being instantiated, then this object is somehow “linked” to “the current DOM element”. When a is called from the menu, then it will be linked to the DOM element of the menu item. And in our case it is linked to some element which will later be replaced by new html chunk. For example, yesterday’s problem works only for windows which have been instantiated by a click on such a symbol.

The workaround is to add the following code to Lino.Viewport.refresh:

{% for T in settings.SITE.get_admin_main_items() %}
     if (Lino.{{T.default_action.full_name()}}) {
         Lino.{{T.default_action.full_name()}}.window = null;
{% endfor %}

That is, we delete the cached Ext.Window instance for those actions that are callable from the admin_main.html.

This workaround also required us to remove the ar argument from the signature of

Not very elegant, but it works.

Checkin and update of the Demo sites.

Removed admin_item_limit from admin_main.html

Change in local config: How to configure how many rows Lino should display in admin_main.html for the tables returned by

Until now I had a parameter admin_item_limit defined as a template variable:

{% if not admin_item_limit %}
{% set admin_item_limit = 5 %}
{% endif %}

I removed this because it was not comfortable (not “the Lino way”). Configuration is now done by setting dd.AbstractTable.preview_limit.

Refreshing the home page

I discovered that the workaround which I found tonight doesn’t always work. E.g. for quick links. So my search had to continue.

And I found another workaround which is a little bit less hackerish than the first one: Lino.WindowAction.getWindow() now calls the cached window object’s getBox() method and checks whether it specifies a width of 0. If the width is 0, then we know that the window has fallen into this strange kind of hiddenness and that we need to instantiate a new one.

Checkin and update of the online Demo sites.