Monday, September 1, 2014

I started to introduce the requested modifications in French translations. This revealed that fab mm has become really too slow for the Lino Welfare userdocs.

It is clear that my system of building multilingual docs using Sphinx’s gettext builder is deprecated, I started to convert them to monolingual docs.

Worked on Lino Noi

I added to Lino Noi and started to see more clearly a concrete usage for that application: a ticketing management system to manage our own tickets. Because the current system (within the documentation using Sphinx) turns out to be not enough. I also abandon the idea of doing this in Presto and of copying exactly the database structure I have in TIM.

One important new thing in Lino Noi is the fact that it publishes the whole database as is. Anonymous requests may not modify anything, but they can see everything.

  • Added new method, and Lino Noi overrides this to make all tables visible for everybody.

  • Discovered that readonly user profiles don’t work (they are not readonly).


Continued heavily on docs/tickets/121.

Refreshing the home page

Hey, I discovered en passant why refreshing the home page caused some windows to become invisible! Here is the code of the onReady function in our main page:

Lino.viewport = new Lino.Viewport( {
  items: {
    "bbar": { "items": Lino.status_bar, "xtype": "toolbar" },
    "tbar": Lino.main_menu,
    "layout": "fit",
    "items": {
      "items": {
        "autoScroll": true,
        "html": "...",
        "xtype": "container",
        "id": "dashboard"
      "region": "center",
      "layout": "fit",
      "xtype": "container",
      "id": "main_area"

Do you see? It’s not “main_area” but “dashboard” whose html I must update!