Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The online example documents under urgent_medical_care.body.html have not yet been updated.

After quite some research I discovered that one of the reasons was the fact that these printable files were not being re-build because their old version was still in the cache. I then discovered that atelier.fablib in does have a function to clear the demo caches. I just had forgotten that it was there. And remeber that I wrote 2 days ago that I “wrote a fab pyc command which removes .pyc files that don’t have a corresponding .py file. But will I remember to run this command when it is time to do so?” Result of these: the fab clean now does all these in one.

Another problem then was that they were in English, not in German. This was due to a side effect happening in atelier.sphinxconf.configure(): populating intersphinx_mapping with urls to other projects must be done after the from django.conf import settings line.

$ fab clean initdb docs pub