Thursday, October 30, 2014

Removed the demo project start of Lino Così because it was not used.

Added a new demo project lino_cosi.projects.pierre (for Pierre who is the first to show Lino Così it to French-speaking Belgians).

Opened tickets docs/tickets/140 and docs/tickets/141.


Nachtrag zu docs/tickets/136: Fixed 3 last details in local configuration:

  • Faltmarkierung am linken Seitenrand

  • “Dexia” ersetzen durch “Belfius”.

  • Datum : oben rechts: simply replace the calls to fds() by calls to fdm.

Disabled fields in Firefox

Opened docs/tickets/142, and after some research we decided to let it sleep.

Row actions in a virtual table

Lino cannot yet run row actions in a virtual table. This disturbs e.g. in welfare.aids.ConfirmationsByGranting where we would like to have a “virtual row action” which prints the confirmation:

@dd.action(_("Print"), icon_name="printer")
def do_print(self, obj, ar):

The Javascript console says “Aktion nicht verfügbar auf dem Phantom-Record.”, and the action itself is never called.

Language of a confirmation

The language of a welfare.aids.Confirmation now defaults to the Client’s language.