Thursday, June 21, 2018

I think I found a good answer to my questions on Tuesday, June 19, 2018 for #2382 (Rendez-vous extérieurs visibles pour l’accueil)

A new choicelist cal.PlannerColumns, a field EventType.planner_column, and a new table DayPlanner which displays calendar entries using these columns and one row per time slot. Something like this:

Time External Internal
8:00 Jean, Luc  
8:30 Mathieu  
9:00   Robin
9:30   Jean

But how to configure the rows of that table? It should be configurable per site (not e.g. per user) and via the web interface.

So we also need a new model PlannerRow. A planner row contains the threshold time and (potentially later) formatting instructions.

I don’t think we want a new plugin (“planner”) for this. I just add them to the plugin.