Tuesday, July 3, 2018

A new version of the TIM tools

I continued to work on #2352 (E-Mail aus TIM raus : Kodierung falsch seit neuer GW). The problem is because the timtools openmail command timtools.tools.mail.openmail() uses which encodes the content using a hard-coded encoding:

text = text.encode("iso-8859-1","replace")

I simply changed this to:

text = text.encode("utf-8", "replace")

We could of course make it configurable, but I guess that anyway this production site is the only user. The real problem is that we must now build a new timtools release. The last release was somewhere in 2009, and the environment I used then no longer exeists, and McMillian installer no longer exists. I plan to do it as I did with eidreader.

The daily planner for calendar plugin

I finished adapting the test suites after my changes for #2382 (Rendez-vous extérieurs visibles pour l’accueil) and now finally pushed my changes to the public repositories. lino_xl.lib.cal.DailyPlanner