Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Lino Tera

This morning I finally found the explanation for a phenomen (in #2364) that I had been exploring yesterday the whole day: the enrolments did not get imported any more. The table in Explorer ‣ Courses ‣ Enrolments showed only 4 rows when there should have been some 16000. Here is what made me understand:

>>> from import *
>>> courses.Enrolment.objects.count()

Yes, most enrolments now have state requested, and AllEnrolments has a default filter that hides them. That was a mouse trap. Be careful when using a default filter in the tables of the Explorer menu.

New user role NotesUser, and notes now require this role instead of (OfficeUser, OfficeOperator). This requires the in Lino Tera and Lino Welfare to be adapted.

It seems that there is some design flaw in the lino.utils.config.ConfigDirCache.scan_config_dirs(): the local config directory is not necessarily below the cache_dir.

Lino Welfare

I opened #2439 (Filtrer une liste de bénéficiaires par “Évènement observé”) and fixed it.