Oops, it’s Friday and I didn’t blog for a whole week… And next week I won’t be able to work very much because we’re going to Saaremaa for holiday.

But after having worked about 40 hours on the Qooxdoo interface for Lino I can say:

  • Sorry, but I’m not yet far enough to show results.

  • But Qooxdoo is great, probably better than ExtJS, so I’ll continue.

  • It is the right time for taking the challenge of writing a second user interface for Lino.


  • The new makeui command works well. I’ll document that later. It generates local Qooxdoo source files, then runs Qooxdoo’s generate build on them. This takes only 30 seconds, so docs/tickets/30 is less urgent.

  • Concretely I’m currently hoping for help from the Qooxdoo forum: Qooxdoo Table remains empty

  • When the “empty Table” problem is solved, I’ll first write the Detail forms. Because that’s the last big challenge.