The first Lino tutorial

This morning I woke up with an idea for the first Lino tutorial: https://www.lino-framework.org/tutorials/dumpy.html

Customizable format of text fields

There are currently at least two big usage profiles for text fields: plain and formatted.

To get a formatted text field, you needed to declare it fields.HtmlTextField instead of models.TextField.

Not bad, but there was no way to locally customize whether a text field is formatted or not. And “formatted” means currently ‘html’, but there me be more choices in the future. I finally had a vision about how to make this configurable:

New global option lino.Lino.textfield_format

  • lino.fields: class HtmlTextField renamed to lino.fields.RichTextField

  • lino.ui.extjs3.ext_elems : Merged class HtmlTextFieldElement into TextFieldElement.

notes.Note.body as well as the text fields in dsbe.Contract now use this new feature.

Emulate another user

The superuser can now emulate requests of other users. Practical for testing. Currently you need to manually edit the URL address, adding ?euser=foo (or &euser=foo)

So there is a wew URL parameter “euser” (lino.ui.requests.URL_PARAM_EUSER) which is added to the list of forbidden field names.


  • Removed virtual field Note.body_html because it is no longer needed.

  • Fixed a bug when a previously saved GC was invalid and validate() returned must_save