The lino_xl.lib.cal module is growing

What are “automatic tasks”? If a Person has a non-empty unavailable_until field, Lino will create an automatic task “becomes available again” for that Person and the responsible user on that date, with an alarm set 1 month before.

Before the lino_xl.lib.cal module, Lino knew only automatic tasks.

Currently there are three models which create “automatic tasks”: Person, Note and Contract. (Where Note and Contract mostly inherit the corresponding behaviour from lino.mixins.Reminder)

This is implemented by overriding their save method.

I think I’m going to do the following relationships for the lino_xl.lib.cal module:

digraph foo {
"Note" -> "Task"
"Note" -> "Person"
"Note" -> "Company"

"Task" -> "Person"
"Task" -> "Company"

"Note" -> "Event"
"Event" -> "Person"
"Event" -> "Company"

This leads to the following slave reports:

  • Notes : by Company, by Person, by Event

  • Tasks : by Company, by Person

  • Events : by Company, by Person, by Task

owner field of lino.mixins.Owned now nullable

The owner_type and owner_id fields of a lino.mixins.Owned are now nullable. This is necessary for lino_xl.lib.cal.Task and probably doesn’t disturb for other cases (that is, Upload and Third).

Toggle CheckColumns from a grid

It is now again possible to toggle a CheckColumn simply by clicking on it. I’d prefer doubleclick for that, but it seems that a doubleclick never reaches the CheckColuimn component (I guess because it gets consumed by the row).

Displaying GenericForeignKey in a Grid

New lino.fields.GenericForeignKeyIdField is used by lino.ui.extjs3 to handle the correct store field type for these fields. the owner_id field of lino.mixins.Owned is currently the only usecase.

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