Swapping NoteType and EventType

Die Felder Kontruktionsmethode und Vorlage (die den Ausdruck bestimmen) müssen aus der Notizart rüber zur Ereignisart. Oder anders gesagt: der Inhalt beider Tabellen muss ausgetauscht werden.

Anschließend muss lediglich der Lebenslauf manuell aus der Liste “Form” in die Liste “Inhalt” verschoben werden.

Die Benutzer werden diese Änderung gar nicht bemerken.

  • notes.Note : verbose_name changed:





    Note Type (Form)

    Note Type (Content)


    Event Type (Content)

    Event Type (Form)

  • notes.NoteType is now also a babel.BabelNamed.

  • Adapted lino.apps.dsbe.migrate.migrate_from_1_2_2()

ERROR: ‘Contact with this ID already exists.’

This happened in watch_tim when PAR.swap_class was called (i.e. when TIM data was modified so that a Person became a Company or vice-versa). This bug was due to docs/tickets/48 (since 2011-08-22).

When fixing this bug I fixed a related bug that wasn’t yet discovered: When a a Person became a Company or vice-versa, then all related data in Lino (e.g. contact persons) were deleted. Now a swapping will delete only the data that needs to be deleted (i.e. person specific data when a person becomes a company).

Preparing release 1.2.3

  • Adapted lino.apps.dsbe.migrate.migrate_from_1_2_2() to the changes of 2011-09-15.

Disable fields in imported Contacts

The following todo was more challenging than one could expect:

  • Kontakte ‣ Alle Kontakte: in dieser Liste konnte man bisher auch importierte Partner bearbeiten. Behoben.

We had to redefine a Report dsbe.AllContacts to install the application specific behaviour for disabled_fields.

There was a bug, too: when disabled_fields was defined on a Report (not on the Model), then the method was called with the wrong parameter order.

It wasn’t yet possible to disable virtual fields. Now it is.

Another undiscovered bug: The id field of a Company or Person gets never disabled. A request http://localhost:8080/api/contacts/Companies/199233?an=detail&fmt=json returns the following value for disabled_fields:

[ "name", "remarks", "zip_code", "city", "country", "street", "street_no",
"street_box", "language", "vat_id", "phone", "fax", "email",
"bank_account1", "bank_account2", "activity",
"contact_ptr", "contact_ptr", "contact_ptr", "contact_ptr",
"contact_ptr", "contact_ptr", "contact_ptr", "contact_ptr",
"contact_ptr", "contact_ptr", "contact_ptr", "contact_ptr",
"contact_ptr", "contact_ptr" ]

Note that there was one “contact_ptr” added at each request. This bug is fixed. But the id field is still not disabled.