Editable id field of MTI childen

The id field of a Company or Person was never disabled. lino.ui.extjs3.ext_store.DisabledFieldsStoreField now checks whether models._meta.pk is a OneToOneField. New test case lino.apps.dsbe.tests.dsbe_tests.test06() was used to understand this problem.

Execution order in lino.utils.test.TestCase

lino.utils.test.TestCase.test_them_all() now sorts the test functions found in the module’s globale namespace before executing them. Since all ‘testXX’ functions are run in a same database, their execution order may be important: keep in mind that they are executed in alphabetical order, and that database changes remain for the whole sequence.

Missing column date_submitted in CourseRequestsByPerson

There was no column date_submitted in the CourseRequestsByPerson grid. This was because lino.apps.dsbe.models.CourseRequest.date_submitted was declared with auto_now_add=True which makes it readonly, and because a * in lino.reports.Report.column_names does not expand to readonly fields.

Auch diese Bugfixes kommen noch mit in die https://www.lino-framework.org/releases/2011/0930.html (Check-in 20111003).

Außerdem noch eine kleine Änderung im Hauptmenü und den Release-Notizen 20111003b

Using generateDS to connect to BCSS

New module lino.sandbox.bcss.test and used it to post a question to generateds-users@sourceforge.net.