First success with ticket docs/tickets/45

New files /media/applets/davlink_test.html and /java/davlink/DavLink.java. The applet now uses java.utils.Preferences to store the paths of the applications to launch for each supported document extension. System administrators can either set these associations themselves (using regedit for windows clients… to be documented), but usually the applet scans the clients hard disk once when it gets invoked the first time.

Added lines to include the DavLink Applet in lino.ui.extjs3.ext_ui.ExtUI.html_lines() Added function Lino.davlink_open in linolib.js.

New attribute lino.mixins.printable.BuildMethod.use_webdav (set to True for build methods .rtf, .odt and .doc).


  • users must confirm a security exception

  • regedit displays strange values for the paths: