Sending mails from Lino

Renamed lino.apps.pim to lino.apps.min1. See minimal application. Added new application lino.apps.min2 to test and demonstrate Lino’s mails and calendar functionality.

Split lino.modlib.mails into lino.modlib.outbox and lino.modlib.inbox. The latter is for later, but the former now works and can actually send real mails.

Lino and ODFPy

As I said in https://www.lino-framework.org0421.html, “I remain open to the idea of getting back to ODFPy in case it turns out that Søren continues to maintain ODFPy, because my method is not as beautiful and because lxml has a disadvantage of not playing well with mod_wsgi in certain configurations (see ).”

Søren confirmed that he does continue to maintain ODFPy, so I converted lino.utils.appy_pod.Renderer.insert_table() back to use ODFPy.