Continued with docs/tickets/63. Removed field Entry.name.

The new field periods means: for how many months (or any other period of time this budget is designed for) the entered amount counts. Default value is 1. For yearly amounts set it to 12 (when the budget is conceived with a monthly periodicity). Currently there is no need to have the periodicity o a budget stored somewhere. Currently it is always “monthly”. I just didn’t want to choose “months” as internal field name.

Lino on Cloud 7

Worked on http://lino.cld7.com/, the first public (but not yet official) Lino demo on a server with normal connection speed.

Fixed a bug in lino.utils.auth.RemoteUserMiddleware.process_request(): “Unknown username %s from request %s” (When the REMOTE_USER doesn’t exist, Lino failed to give a proper error message).

Otto discovered an general bug: a Lino.GridPanel didn’t prevent editing of disabled fields (this was only done for editing a Detail). A user can edit their own data, except for the fields is_active, is_superuser, is_staff and is_expert (the last 2 only since today). Lino.CheckColumn manually called an event “validateedit”, changed this to “beforeedit”.

Another problem: lino.modlib.countries.fixtures.ee caused the following error when being used on a MySQL database:

WARNING Failed to save City(name=u'\xd5ru',country=u'EE').
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/linodev/snapshots/Django-1.4/django/core/management/commands/loaddata.py", line 196, in handle
  File "/home/linodev/snapshots/lino/lino/utils/dumpy.py", line 287, in save
  File "/home/linodev/snapshots/lino/lino/utils/dumpy.py", line 300, in try_save
  File "/home/linodev/snapshots/Django-1.4/django/db/models/base.py", line 824, in full_clean
    raise ValidationError(errors)
ValidationError: {'__all__': [u'City with this Country, Name and Zip code already exists.']}