The id_card_no field in lino.modlib.cbss.models.SSIN had a max_length of 10. That was not enough. Now it’s 20.

Fixed internal bug ClearCacheAction.get_permission order of arguments.

lino.modlib.debts: Actor and Entry now have a lino.core.model.Model.allow_cascaded_delete.

Entries (and in fact all subclasses of lino.mixins.Sequenced ) now have a new action insert_before which duplicates the current row, inserting it before the current one.

Row actions defined on a model using @dd.action didn’t yet work. Changed argument order for calling RowAction.run(). There are three methods for defining actions:

  • On the Table:

    class ParticipantsByCourse(RequestsByCourse):
        def unregister(obj,ar):
  • On the Model:

    class Sequenced(models.Model):
        @dd.action(_("Insert before"))
        def insert_before(self,ar):
  • As a separate class:

    class ClearCacheAction(actions.RowAction):
        def run(self,obj,ar):
    class Foo(models.Model):
        do_clear_cache = ClearCacheAction()

New action “Duplicate” on debts.Budget. Doesn’t yet copy actors and entries.