• Person.update_reminders didn’t yet switch to the user’s language.

  • New function lino.utils.babel.run_with_language() used in Person.update_reminders, EventGenerator, AppyBuildMethod.

  • Renamed AuthoritiesByUser to AuthoritiesGiven and AuthoritiesByAuthorized to AuthoritiesTaken.

  • AuthoritiesGiven and AuthoritiesTaken didn’t work in MySettings. Because the AJAX call had an empty mk. Due to a bug when hide_top_toolbar was true and hide_navigator not.

  • AuthoritiesTaken isn’t really useful. You can see the list of taken authorities (those given to you by somebody else) automatically from the “Act as…” menu. Removed it from User Detail since it also made it possible to give yourself an authority from another user.

  • The “Act as…” menu for non-system-admin users didn’t show the user names (neither did it work).

  • Added Explorer ‣ Authorities menu command.

  • Added French translations to lino.modlib.users.

http://code.google.com/p/lino/source/detail?r=39ea0ba7ffcd. This is probably going to be released as version 1.4.8