• 1.4.9. had still a bug: when the disable_delete method of households.Household, courses.CourseProvider and jobs.JobProvider didn’t yet correctly skip the lino.Lino.is_imported_partner() test. Very subtle, but it caused watch_tim to fail when trying to re-convert the two Companies that had become Households.

Don’t want to cancel release 1.4.9 because it has been downloaded over 40 times (probably just some robots, but anyway). So a quick bugfix release

About version numbering. Should I add a new global variable lino.__release__ and call it instead? –> No. The version number doesn’t reflect whether a database migration is required or not. Applications just add an empty migration step if there’s no migration needed.

  • “Ich möchte eine Nachricht in Historik bei einer Person. Lino will nicht und gibt an “Internal Server Error”

    –> Stimmt. Man kann seit der 1.4.8 überhaupt nichts löschen.

    Auf dem Server kommt dann folgender Traceback:

    'WSGIRequest' object has no attribute 'subst_user'
    Request Method: DELETE

    Ist doch immer wieder erstaunlich, was für tolle Fehler es schaffen, unbemerkt durchzuschlüpfen.


Worked on lino.apps.presto:

  • blogs.Entry : renamed field subject to title, added a field summary

  • presto.fixtures.tim2lino