watch_tim fängt an zu klappen. Der hat ja einige neue subtile Regeln, die ich übrigens unter https://welfare.lino-framework.orgde/user/tim2lino.html.html dokumentiere.

Action.icon_name and grid context menu

For actions with an icon_name, extjs3.ext_ui.a2btn now adds the label as menu_item_text (and linolib.js puts this to the context menu item’s text property), to solve the following issue:

  • Im Kontextmenü hatten Bilderbuttons kein Label

Manually setting an AutoField

Lino didn’t yet handle the case of including the id field to an insert_layout. This disturbed in Lino-Welfare which synchronizes with legacy data:

  • Kann Partner.id nicht selbst bestimmen

That was because lino.ui.extjs3.ext_store.AutoStoreField simply did:

def form2obj(self,ar,obj,post_data,is_new):

More icons

Discovered Greenfish Icon Editor and spent another hour with the button icons.