Der “aktive Vertrag” eines Klienten

get_active_contract funktionierte nicht, wenn ein Klient mehr als einen Vertrag hatte, die alle vergangen sind. Dann gilt der zuletzt begonnene Vertrag als aktiv. Beispiel Klient 22538.

N.B. ich teste auf den zuletzt begonnenen Vertrag, weil das einfacher (sprich billiger) ist. Eigentlich wollen wir den zuletzt beendeten Vertrag haben, aber das kommt in der Praxis aufs Gleiche raus, weil Vertragsüberschneidungen nicht erlaubt sind. Also der folgende Fall kann nicht vorkommen und darf deshalb ignoriert werden:

Zeit :     <----------------------------------- heute ------>
Vertrag 1 :    +-------------------+
Vertrag 2 :       +-----------+

Reading Belgian eID cards

Lino is now more or less able to read Belgian eID cards.

If you have a Belgian eID card and the “Belgium eID Middleware” installed on your computer, then you can test the new feature in our public live demo as follows:

  • Go to https://welfare-demo.lino-framework.org/

  • Log in as robin (password “1234”) (after hitting OK there are some moments where nothing seems to happen)

  • In the menu, select “Contacts –> Clients”. Lino shows a list of fictive clients. In the top toolbar there’s a button “Read eID card”.

  • Insert some Belgian eID card. Click the button.

  • There will probably be two warnings “This application was built against the Belgium Identity Card SDK, version 3.5. This version is considered deprecated and will not be supported iby future versions of the eID middleware. Please contact the application vendor.” and maybe another question asking you to allow access to the card reader.

  • Lino will ask “Create new client?”. Answer Yes. You will see the data from your card in our database.

  • If you modify some data, e.g. the street, then re-read the same card (or imagine 2 years later a new card of a same person), Lino will ask whether to update the data.

  • Ater playing around you’ll probably want to delete the client so that other people won’t see the personal data from your eid card.