Monitoring a Lino site

Lino should be able to send every day a monitor status to the admins of a site. The first useful thing in such a status seems to be certain warnings:

  • if the size on disk or number of records of a model has grown abnormally

  • available disk space and size of log files

lino.management.commands.diag is not the right candidate to do this job (main purpose is a logical comparison of two dumps), so we write a new command for this: lino.management.commands.monitor.

How to find out the disk size used by the database table of each model?

Okay, here is some first visible result:

luc@vps:~/mypy/demo_sites/welfare$ python manage.py  monitor
INFO Loaded 2 states from /home/luc/mypy/demo_sites/welfare/states.pck
INFO Changes since 2012-11-27 08:34:50.240809:
- cv.LanguageKnowledge rows : 122 -> 121
- cv.LanguageKnowledge bytes : 10992 -> 10972
INFO Saved 3 states to /home/luc/mypy/demo_sites/welfare/states.pck

But there’s still a lot to do. Not urgent.


  • There was a bug in lino.Lino.is_installed(): is_installed(‘lino’) always returned False. This caused UserProfiles to lack in the definition of global choicelists in lino*.js.

  • When using lino.Lino.remote_user_header it was possible to authenticate as a user whose profile was empty. This then caused a message “AttributeError. ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘level’”. Now the message is “Unknown or inactive username ‘nicole’. Please contact your system administrator.”

Hidden columns

The new attribute lino.core.model.Model.hidden_columns makes it more pleasant to define hidden columns. If specified, this is the default value for lino.core.dbtables.Table.hidden_columns of every lino.core.dbtables.Table on this model.

lino_welfare.modlib.isip.ContractBase and lino_welfare.modlib.isip.Contract are usage examples.

Managers may edit other user’s work…

The new attribute lino.mixins.UserAuthored.manager_level_field is to solve a subtle problem. See docstring. Used on lino_welfare.modlib.isip.ContractBase Managers may edit other user’s work…


  • Explorer ‣ ÖSHZ ‣ ClientStates

  • When trying to render something as pdf on any of the demo sites, (e.g. clicking the [pdf] button at http://demo1.lino-framework.org/api/polls/Polls), the server said “An error occurred during the conversion. Doc URL “/home/luc/mypy/demo_sites/polls/media/cache/appypdf/polls.Polls.pdf.1354022098.282635/result.odt” is wrong. URL seems to be an unsupported one.”

    That was just because forgot to install openoffice-writer on the server. Took me some time to discover the reason, though. Thanks to https://stackoverflow.com/questions/7377012/openoffice-api-url-seems-to-be-an-unsupported-one for shedding light over this.

  • Error while evaluating expression “settings.LINO.site_version()”. cannot concatenate ‘str’ and ‘NoneType’ objects

  • When trying to create a Posting from a Postable (e.g. a Note), the action failed and the server reported “ValidationError {‘state’: [u’Dieses Feld darf nicht leer sein.’]}”

  • New class lino.modlib.contacts.utils.GenderItem with a method mf.

  • Lino-Welfare 1.0.4 pre-released