Hunting bugs in Django

This morning I upgraded the demo sites at https://www.lino-framework.org/demos.html: one thing is that I switched to the newest Lino and Lino-Welfare versions.

But especially I also switched to the Django development version in order to “pitch in and help them fix bugs before the final 1.5 release (due in December)” (as they formulated it).

First test result is negative: no single bug appeared. Congratulations to the Django developers for their good work.

Lino is not visible

I did a Google search about “lino” and “django” and “extjs” and discovered that the Internet is really obsolete. Google links people to pages that I wrote back in the previous decade. Time to change that!

Wrote a first post to Luc’s Lino blog <http://lsaffre.blogspot.com/> after more than two years.

On saffre-rumma.net, all requests to http://lino.saffre-rumma.net are now automatically and being redirected to http://lino-framework.org using a permanent redirect.

The Lino Wiki on GoogleCode is too bad: it looks like new and no way to make it say that it’s obsolete. Started to delete pages. Blog entries from January to May 2010 were still only there. Now I added them to /docs/blog/2010, but without yet converting them from Google’s wiki markup to reStructuredText.

Lino Così

Today I finally found a name and started to work on a project which has been waiting patiently for so long: Lino Così is yet another attempt to make Belgian accounting simple. An application that offers the bare minimum functionality for startups to do your own accounting in Belgium. And of course you can always extend it later since it is written in Lino.

Miscellaneous changes in lino.modlib.trading, lino.modlib.vat lino.modlib.accounting lino.modlib.accounts