I decided to switch back to this blog because it will take more time than the Christmas holidays before the entries in /lino/history/luc201212.py would become visible.

Lino and content management


During the Christmas days I learned a lot about the Bootstrap CSS toolkit.





And these pictures are only the tip of the iceberg: I think I finally found a working solution for lino.modlib.pages and lino.apps.cms.

But it’s too early to write more about it…

Cannot assign “u’’”: “Event.assigned_to” must be a “User” instance

Creating an event in the Calendar Panel in http://demo2.lino-framework.org caused a ValueError at /admin/restful/cal/PanelEvents: “Cannot assign “u’’”: “Event.assigned_to” must be a “User” instance.” This was due to a plain simple bug in lino.utils.auth which didn’t manage when it got a query containing “su=” (an empty value for su). A second reason was the fact that Lino.set_subst_user caused the eventStore to send such a query.

Write a jQuery-based GUI?

Another example of how Lino now uses Bootstrap is the “plain HTML” view:


When I play with this I can’t get resist to open a ticket and to dream at least about it: docs/tickets/67.