20130315 (Friday, 15 March 2013)

Kandidaturen auf Probe

Eine Kandidatur (Candidature) hatte bisher lediglich ein Ankreuzfeld “Aktiv”. Das wurde ersetzt durch ein Auswahlfeld “Zustand” mit den möglichen Werten “Aktiv”, “Probezeit”, “Inaktiv”. (CandidatureStates)

Nicht zu verwechseln: eine aktive Kandidatur bedeutet, dass der Klient keinen aktiven Art-60*7 hat.

In der Übersicht Art-60*7 (JobsOverview) wird dieser Status der Kandidaturen jetzt berücksichtigt: Als “Kandidaten” stehen jetzt nur noch Kandidaturen im Zustand “Aktiv” (bisher standen dort alle Kandidaturen). Als “Probezeit” stehen jetzt nur noch Kandidaturen im Zustand “Probezeit”.

Documentation for Lino-Welfare

A little sprint before releasing Lino-Welfare: Worked on the documentation at Lino-Welfare Technical Reference which passes now (and without using tolerate_sphinx_warnings!).

  • changed “autodocs” to “api”

  • Removed /lino_welfare/releases.py after moving the information there to /docs/releases/index.rst. But this is not used. I’m still waiting for the ultimate solution for managing the releases of my collection of interdepent projects…

  • Removed /lino_welfare/modlib/cbss/management/commands/cbss_testconnection.py because it was hopelessly obsolete.

  • Added a new role :blogref: and started to replace existing references which had become invalid. An example is the docstring of migrate_from_1_2_2.

  • Found jmbowman’s pull request Allow apidoc to exclude individual files for Sphinx issue #944 sphinx-apidoc: add ability to exclude specific files or filepatterns. Very nice. So I can simply wait (as long as there’s no urgent need).

  • The rst2py directive now has settings.SITE.modules as default context. This is used to write dynamically generated tables in the docstrings of of <lino_welfare.modlib.jobs.models.Job> or <lino_welfare.modlib.jobs.models.CandidatureStates>.

  • The above made me discover and eliminate a bug (empty bold text) in html2rst. An empty text was converted to **** which caused a docutils parser error:

    <autodoc>:0: SEVERE: Unexpected section title or transition.

    Another meta-bug was that the lino.utils.xmlgen.html module wasn’t yet being doctested because the following line was missing in /fabfile.py: