20130330 (Saturday, 30 March 2013)

Finishing lino_welfare.modlib.jobs.ui.JobsOverview:

  • In :lino.utils.appy_pod, renamed html2odf to ehtml

  • In the Default.odt, changed document header and default text style.

  • Converted lino.ui.ui.ExtUI.ar2html() to use lino.core.tables.TableRequest.get_field_info(). Visible result is that the columns of the preview have the wanted widths distribution.

  • Better docstrings at different places.

How to install python-uno in a virtualenv on Debian Squeeze

I have a virtualenv “demo” which has been created without site-packages. This Python interpreter, as expected, doesn’t find any uno module: import uno raises an ImportError. And I could not find any pypi package to be installed using pip.

Solution: the uno.py is in /usr/share/pyshared. Just add this directory to your PYTHONPATH.

There are different methods to achive this; for me the easiest seems to create a file local.pth in /usr/local/pythonenv/demo/lib/python2.6/site-packages with one line of text: /usr/share/pyshared.

Another problem was to have the openoffice daemon start. Because at first my /bash/oood didn’t seem to work, I surfed around and found an almost identical one, but LSB compatible, in a blog post by Glenn Enright. This is now in /bash/openoffice-headless.