20130410 (Wednesday, 10 April 2013)

Before releasing a new version with the MergeAction bug fixed I’d like to write a test case for this. And before writing that test case I’d like to convert the current testing framework (which uses fablib) to a normal one (callable using setup.py test).

For Lino, this conversion is now done.

$ python setup.py test

I can now run individual test cases:

$ python setup.py test -s tests.PackagesTests
$ python setup.py test -s tests.ProjectsTests.test_cosi

New module lino.projects.cosi.tests.cosi_tests does already the preliminary stuff.

I then realized that it is time for another split (which I have been planning for a few weeks):

The new project atelier contains those parts of djangosite which are useful also without Django. But atelier.test.SubProcessTestCase is new.