20130504 (Saturday, 04 May 2013)


  • watch_tim caused an error “The database backend does not accept 0 as a value for AutoField.” when TIM wrote a changelog for PAR:0000000.

  • Adding a new account in welfare.accounts.Accounts caused an internal server error DoesNotExist.

  • welfare.pcsw.ClientsTest produced a traceback ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘strip’ for Clients with national_id is None.

  • New actions MoveUp and MoveDown, renderable in a column “move_buttons”. First use case is welfare.debts.EntriesByBudget

  • auto_fit_column_widths was ignored when a table was being displayed as the main grid of a window. The code to generate the js code for viewConfig was duplicated, viewConfig was generated once for the GridPanel subclass definition and a second time when instantiating a slave grid. Removed the second time.