20130521 (Tuesday, 21 May 2013)

  • Official release of Lino and Lino-Welfare on PyPI.

  • a bug in lino.modlib.countries.fixtures.few_cities: caused French designations of cities like Mons and Liège to be ignored.

  • Choosing Concepts ‣ Places in belref caused all places to show up. lino.core.tables.TableRequest.parse_req() now gives a hard-coded default value of limit=15.

  • Miguel Grinberg gives a good summary of what “RESTful” actually means in his blog entry Designing a RESTful API with Python and Flask.

PublicSecurityNumbers instance has no attribute ‘PublicSecurityNumbers’

A typo bug caused by the internal conversion in lino_welfare.modlib.cbss.tx25 had slipped through the test suite. A super efficient way to test this is to check whether each Tx25 of the demo database has at least one row of result:

for obj in cbss.RetrieveTIGroupsRequest.objects.all():
    msg = "%s has no result" % obj

The challenge was: the problem is actually being reproduced only with our private collection of Tx25 requests. This collection is private because it contains data about real people. Currently I must remember to run the test suite also manually in a project directory which loads these non-public xml files. TODO: how to integrate optional private test suites into an open source project?

Internals: changed print_action to do_print.