20130527 (Monday, 27 May 2013)

When rendering a slave table as html, the column headers were clickable as if for changing the sort order, but clicking on them didn’t work. Now they are no longer clickable.

Yesterday I made a few minor internal changes. One of them is that ActionRequest instances no longer have an ui attribute. This had created a bug which I discovered only today because it had slipped through our test suite. Let’s call this kind of bugs “one-day bugs” because they lived only for a short time. But they are still bugs, and it is good to learn from them: added a new snippet in Debts mediation to reproduce it.

New attribute lino.core.tables.AbstractTable.hide_zero_rows is a practical solution for tables like JobProvidersAndContracts in the ActivityReport.

Released Lino 1.6.9 and Lino-Welfare 1.1.6

Also had to release new versions of north and djangosite because of the new function djangosite.dbutils.inrange_filter().