20130605 (Wednesday, 05 June 2013)


Added a test case to faggio.tested.faggio and some feast days to lino_faggio.fixtures.eiche, added some doctests to lino.modlib.cal.utils, added a simple doctest tests.UtilsTests.test_cal_utils on that module to Lino test suite… all this to reproduce a tiny one-day bug in lino.modlib.cal.utils.when_text() which I discovered yesterday while releasing Lino-Welfare 1.1.7.

atelier.sphinxconf.configure() now automatically adds the intersphinx entries for projects managed in this atelier. (The above link to faggio.tested.faggio didn’t work because lino_faggio wasn’t yet in the list of projects because this list was still hard-coded).

Weiter mit Lino-Faggio

Die folgenden Punkte sind jetzt geregelt (aber noch nicht veröffentlicht):

  • Jeder Kurs hat eine maximale Anzahl Plätze. Neues Feld. Renamed max_occurences to max_events New field Course.max_participants.

  • New parameter participants_only to lino.modlib.school.models.Enrolments

  • Felder “beginnt um” und “endet um” fehlen in Detail-Fenster

  • In “Schule –> Kurse” - erste Kolonnen sollten nicht anklickbar sein (oder zum Detail führen)

  • Startseite (ActiveCourses) : stornierte Einschreibungen nicht mitrechnen. Anzahl freier Plätze anzeigen.

  • Button “Druckvorlage bearbeiten”


Fixed an old bug: when there is a checkbox in a parameter panel whose default value is True (checked), then it was not possible to check it back after having it unchecked.

Cause seems to be a bug in ExtJS 3.3.1 : Checkbox fields don’t mark their form as dirty when check is fired. Or more precisely: form.Field.isDirty() still returns false in such a case.

Added “force_dirty” parameter to Lino.MainPanel.add_param_values() to work around this.

While I was there, I also fixed another old problem: ChoiceList comboboxes with blank=True didn’t display a blank choice. Now they do. lino.ui.elems.ChoiceListFieldElement

And because all good things are three, I fixed a third old bug: the permalink of a window didn’t preserve whether the parameter panel was visible or not. New variable URL_PARAM_SHOW_PARAMS_PANEL in lino.core.constants.