20130623 (Sunday, 23 June 2013)

Lino learns Portuguese (continued)

lino.management.commands.show: added new command-line parameter –language and optimized it to not do things which are done by lino.core.requests.BaseRequest.spawn().

Added a project lino.projects.i18n and a tested docs page Code snippets for testing Lino’s i18n.

Found the explanation why Django doesn’t find the pt-br locales: because Lino had no pt locale.

  • In Django you cannot have a variant of a language without having the base language. The advantage of this sophistication is that pt-br automatically inherits from pt.

Flavio, what’s the difference between Brazilian Portuguese and plain Portuguese? Are you able to maintain both locales?

The Code snippets for testing Lino’s i18n page was still failing because atelier.test.TestCase.run_simple_doctests() uses python -m doctest which doesn’t let us specify an input encoding for the file. It was a well-known bug that atelier.test.TestCase.run_simple_doctests() didn’t yet support non-ascii characters.

Now it does. Had to add a new module atelier.doctest_utf8 for this. Because we need to run each doctest in a separate subprocess and because the command-line interface of python -m doctest has no way to specify an encoding of the input file.

Checked in revision f4205eee7d76 for Flavio to test.