20130820 (Tuesday, 20 August 2013)

(Yesterday was a long day: checked in today at 01:32am)

Removing an inherited action

Continued on the /todo. An appearently innocent user request was:

  • Button “eID-Inhalt” wird im Empfang nicht benutzt. Raus.

How to “remove” an inherited action or collected from a table? Most intuitive method is to explicitly set it to None.

But… this wasn’t yet possible. And I took three hours to solve this. Much time for such a small optimization, but it is relatively subtle, and I decided that now it is time to start a new tutorial about /tutorials/actions/index which tests the new feature and gives (or will give one day) a good entry point for developers.

Fixed a bug in lino.modlib.cal.models.PanelEvents which could cause an UnboundLocalError “local variable ‘me’ referenced before assignment”.

New action ShowSlaveTable

The new action dd.ShowSlaveTable is useful when you want to add a button (in the top toolbar) which opens a given slave table in a pop-up window. This is useful when for ergonomic reasons the user doesn’t want to see this slave table directly in the detail window.

Usage example is lino_welfare.modlib.reception.CreateNoteActionsByClient.

The window_size of an actor was ignored until now.

When a table has only one column, Lino now automatically specifies hideHeaders on the EditorGridPanel.