20130912 (Thursday, 12 September 2013)

Printing mail labels

Until now the “Show this table as a pdf document” action was implemented in linoweb.js and lino.ui.views. Now I converted it to a “real” action PdfTableAction. Because I wanted to know whether Lino can do it. He can. Congratulations!

This has several advantages:

  • The mechanism is no longer split across several files but all in one place.

  • Added new file Table-portrait.odt, almost the same as Table.odt. Applications can override the default PdfTableAction in order to use this portrait version:

    class Countries(dd.Table):
        as_pdf = PdfTableAction(template_name = "Table-portrait.odt")

TODO: Now I’ll also want to convert the html, csv and delete actions. The delete action is most urgent because users cannot delete multiple rows at once.

But first I have another idea for a third advantage of this: I wrote a derived class PrintLabelsAction and a template /lino/config/Labels.odt, and added this to contacts.Partner. Bingo. Except for a little detail: it prints only one page of labels.

Removed the lino.site.Site methods get_letter_margin_top and get_letter_margin_bottom and replaced them by two templates letter_margin_top.html and letter_margin_bottom.html