20131019 (Saturday, 19 October 2013)

A new public demo

(To Kai and the other people of the SacredPy project:)

I installed a public demo version of Lino Polly, my second prototype for you:

I am highly enthusiastic and will certainly continue one day, but I have so much other projects waiting! So I’ll let you wait for some time now. Meanwhile you can log in there and try to play around. It’s only half finished and lacks documentation.

Lino Polly is basically a general-purpose web application to manage polls. If you want you can say that I’m reinventing askbot or similar websites. Maybe it would be easier to adapt askbot… but not for me since I have my own framework which I love and want to test!

Lino Polly Crash Course:

  • Login as instructed on http://polly-demo.lino-framework.org/

  • Create new polls : Polls ‣ Polls

  • Create your response to a poll : Polls ‣ My responses

  • Create more “choice sets” in Configuration – > Polls ‣ ChoiceSets (or click here) (a choice set is a reusable set of possible answers to a question. Polly currently supports only blueprint questions with reusable sets of answers.)


  • More useful information in the Results tab

  • Display pending polls on the welcome page

  • Printable result sheet

  • Workflow & user permissions