20131209 (Monday, 09 December 2013)

I upgraded the Demo sites on lino-framework.org. (This is getting an important test step before releasing to a production site. There is now almost every day some message in my inbox with some Internal Server Error caused by somebody playing with them.)

Simple bug fixes:

  • AttributeError at /api/integ/src/eidreader/EIDReader/class.class

  • An ‘Site’ object has no attribute ‘ui’ AttributeError at startup is not detected by the test suite because it happens only in a multi-threaded environment, e.g. under mod_wsgi.

  • ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘CalendarPanel’ (AttributeError at /api/reception/CoachingsByClient)

  • AttrDict instance has no key ‘PanelCalendars’ (AttributeError at faggio-demo /restful/cal/PanelCalendars)

  • unsupported operand type(s) for -: ‘NoneType’ and ‘int’ (TypeError at faggio-demo /api/courses/PendingRequestedEnrolments/69)

  • The belref project had only about 30 countries instead of the usual 300

New feature:

  • The online demo of Lino Welfare had always been running with use_eidreader=False since the applet anyway requires manual client authentication and might even cause the browser to hang when the permission is not given. So now, Site needs a way to “hide” the “eidreader” app without overriding get_installed_apps: New setting hidden_apps.