20140120 (Monday, 20 January 2014)

  • Started new document welfare.tour.

  • lino.utils.actordoc now supports ddref referring to an action.

    TODO: the action’s label appears correctly but they are not yet clickable; if the action has an icon, insert this into the text.

  • New site-wide setting dd.Site.use_java.

  • Thanks to Joe who contributed two changesets:

    • Simple change to allow HTML box to use some javascript. I use it for adding Ext.Resizer to textareas to allow dynamic resizing.

    • Changes required to make modlib changes working with CTMS project. They are hopefully self-explanatory enough. The “Stylistic clean-up” makes lino/modlib/changes/models.py file pep8 happy.

  • Fixed a minor bug in atelier.rstgen: Column.adjust_width did not call Table.format_value before comparing the required width. And in case of formatted values this lead to wrong width calculation.