20140128 (Tuesday, 28 January 2014)

Lino documentation

  • Added a new section Lino contributors in Lino’s /about/thanks document. It was high time to start such a list: already now I am impressed to see how many people have actually contributed to Lino and how difficult it is to remember them all…

  • Funny coincidence: after having started this list I checked my inbox and read a blog entry by Repentinus where he describes his (and other people’s) fight for getting fixed a linguistical problem. Added a link to the PDFreaders campaign page.

Automatic chooser for the GenericForeignKey field

Joe contributed two more small changes (see the code repository for details) and added a comment:

Just tell me if you think I should write a test case - I don’t want to get any non-working crap into Lino’s core. But I don’t know what to test and how to write the test for this GUI-based modification.

Yes, testing these parts of the user interface is difficult. I did some first experiments using jasmine and phantomjs and came to the conclusion that it’s too early to require such rigorousness.

But I’d like to “see it with my own eyes” by having it covered by a tutorial.

For example, at least the get_{fk_field}_display is visible in Watching database changes.

TODO: write a similar tutorial which focusses on the GFK field.


Continued on Renamed “Lino Faggio” to “Lino Voga”:

  • courses.EnrolmentsByPupil now includes the amount.

  • Translations