Friday, May 16, 2014

I discovered that lino.modlib.excerpts.CreateExcerpt, like every dialog action, cannot be in the top toolbar because these actions must be statically renderable. This is docs/tickets/105.

I discovered that Lino didn’t yet support choosers on actions with a parameter window.

  • One problem was that lino.core.actions.check_for_chooser() failed when you defined a lino.core.actions.Action.FOO_choices() method on an action.

  • Another problem was that ExtRenderer.js_render_ActionFormPanelSubclass did not generate a ActionFormPanel.before_row_edit() function (and that ActionFormPanel.set_field_values() did not call it).


  • I started to rename “attestations” to “excerpts”. First the model classes themselves. The module name will move in a separate commit.

  • The Lino test suite had a failure in Added some test cases there.

  • Ich habe mich mal drangesetzt um die Test-Suite von Lino Welfare wieder ans Laufen zu kriegen. Ist noch nicht ganz fertig.

  • lino_welfare.tests.test_beid took more time, but was useful because it detected several bugs.