Friday, May 23, 2014

Final sprint before releasing of Lino Welfare

The data migration is rather complex this time. Most work is done in lino_welfare.migrate.

I moved a piece of old code from migrate to migrate_old.

Interesting to not that migrations are (of course) cummulative. This time I am doing a double migration in Eupen. Their production server is at version 1.0.10, so we are using migrate_from_1_0_10 and migrate_from_1_0_11 in a single run.

The ml.reception.Clients.create_visit action was not rendered anymore. This was due to the following automatism in lino.core.actions.Action constructor (which I therefore removed again):

# if self.parameters is not None and self.select_rows:
#     self.show_in_bbar = False
#     # see ticket #105

Added explanations to docs/tickets/105.

The French translations are now more or less ready.

Moved more docstrings from miscellaneous source files to

The next young man discovered Lino and wants to learn it.