Friday, May 30, 2014

Den Seinen gibt es der Herr im Schlaf (Ps 127,2)

Yesterday I went to sleep with the following problem (for docs/tickets/106):

I didn’t yet manage to reproduce this problem. On a Windows XP machine with Java 7u60 everything seems to work perfectly. I don’t believe that the Windows version makes a difference here. Okay, the most evident difference is that Gerd has Java 7u52. I have 7u60 because I missed the intermediate versions and could not find a place to download older Java versions. My next question: Where can I get a Windows installer for Java 7u52?

And this morning I understood the explanation:

  • I forgot to clear some cache after changing the security settings.

  • After doing that, I can confirm that the problem is reproducible.

  • Java 7u52 said only “Signed Applet Blocked by Security Settings”, but in 7u60 they obviously did dome good work because the message has become more useful, now it says:

    Application Blocked by Security Settings. Your security settings have blocked a self-signed applet from running.

And thus the explanation is that I changed the public version of DavLink to be self-signed (not certified).

Updated docs/tickets/106, opened new ticket docs/tickets/107.