Thursday, June 5, 2014


I ran dos2unix on the files of Lino Così:

$ go cosi
$ find -name '*.py' | xargs dos2unix

MySQL server has gone away

watch_tim still sends “OperationalError (2006, ‘MySQL server has gone away’)” messages.

Oho, ist der noch immer da? Die Erklärung (2014-06-02) scheint mir eigentlich recht plausibel. Ich habe soeben noch ein bisschen geändert. Mal sehen, ob es jetzt besser wird. Der Fehler ist nicht leicht zu testen, weil es ja ein timeout ist.

Lino Così also in Estonia

An Estonian friend (Ülle) has shown her interest to try Lino Così. So I want to set up an Estonian demo site for her. New package lino_cosi.settings.est.

A fundamental problem is the list of Estonian places. We agree that an accounting software should include an out-of-the-box list of cities and villages with their zip codes. I would say that the national post office is more or less authority on this topic. That’s why we have which needs a file sihtnumbrid.csv which I used to download from Estonian post office. I didn’t ask, but am pessimistic about getting their help for making this database freely available. Meanwhile they changed their name and reorganized their web site. The new site has a download page, but (1) it doesn’t work for the moment and (2) it looks as if the file structure is going to change. Should I wait until they manage their internal problems, and then adapt my to the new structure? Or is this the moment to start a project of publishing a free table of Estonian places? The fact that I am not allowed to include this file with Lino causes miscellaneous problems (besides the most visible problem that users must download it themselves). For example I cannot write unit tests based on this data. Another question is: How does this integrate with Wikipedia who certainly is another authority? The Estonian Wikipedia has done considerable work on this domain. But (at least for the moment) we cannot (easily) import this information. Should I talk with Andres about this? But before talking to anybody, shouldn’t I prepare something to make my vision visible to others? Do we need something like The belref project, but for Estonia? To be continued.

More docs

Milton’s questions in Lino Cosi app installation motivated me to do some more work in the documentation. Also fixed some minor (but fatal) bugs in lino.projects.min1.

Most content was previously in djangosite which I plan to merge back into Lino some day.