Friday, June 20, 2014

Some translations, and then upgrade with database migration in Eupen.

Bugfix: The lino.mixins.periods.PeriodEvents choicelist (moved out from isip recently) had no app_label. Which caused the windows based on it to not open (and to write a JS error “Undefined name ‘Lino.mixins’).”

Bugfix: The dd.MergeAction worked but did not give correct feedback (window remained open and caused an Internal Server Error). But the merge actually had been done.

Testing today

New method This method was truly necessary!

Because there are more and more test cases for Lino Welfare which test for subtle conditions that arise when generating automatic calendar events. For example to not work on holidays, managing conflicting events etc. And I think the best approch is to say once for all that our demo database “lives” on a constant date. This date happens to be 2014-05-22 because that was when I added the attribute.

And today I finally understood that this wasn’t enough. Many tables used Python’s function, causing the results to vary depending on the day when the demo database had been generated. For example the ages of the family members of Paul Frisch changed -of course- each time one of them had had birthday…

And imagine! The Lino Welfare test suite passes again!

And atelier.rstgen can now handle empty tables.