Friday, July 11, 2014

And still the unicode error in lino.modlib.beid (see 2014-07-10 and 2014-07-09) was not fixed. Next attempt.

Discovered a JS bug: when you fill some new value into a learning combobox (Learning Comboboxes), then you must currently leave the field before submitting the form. That is, you must either click the “Create” or “Save” button or type TAB and then ENTER. Typing directly ENTER while still in the combobox will submit the form with an empty fooHidden field, so Lino will not see your value. Visible for example in Renamed “Lino Faggio” to “Lino Voga” creating an enrolment to a course.

Had a final spurt session on Renamed “Lino Faggio” to “Lino Voga”. Added a filter parameter “room” to