Sunday, October 5, 2014

Final sprint for ticket docs/tickets/122 : repaired the test suite of Lino Welfare which was broken after recent changes. A last change to lino_welafre.migrate.Migrator.migrate_from_1_1_16().

Data migration on the production site. Seems that everything went well.

Discovered and fixed a minor Javascript-releated bug: ExtRenderer.action_call_on_instance generated the action call to welfare.reception.CreateCoachingVisit as:


which was wrong, it must be:

Discovered and fixed an AttributeError “‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘model’” when trying to select body_template on an AidType with empty confirmation_type (e.g. “Erstattung”).

The excerpts/base.body.html had a nonsense default title block {{this}} which renderd to “Unprinted Excerpt #7”. What we want there is rather {{this.excerpt_type}}.

Presence certificate (presence_certificate.body.html template) did not print correctly.

  • The “We certify that …” block was missing

  • New method ml.addresses.Address.living_at_text() used in both welfare.aids.Confirmation.confirmation_address() and the presence_certificate.body.html template:

  • New method dd.strftime().

  • VirtualGetter now has a __getattr__ method which makes it possible to write:

  • Should the default value for the nominative argument to lino.mixins.human.get_salutation() be True or False?