Saturday, November 29, 2014ΒΆ

Worked on #19.

  • Change in database structure : Added new field welfare.aids.AidType.is_urgent

  • Added a new method welfare.aids.Confirmation.get_urgent_granting().

  • Added code in medical_refund.body.html so that the additional page gets added only when an urgent granting exists.

  • There can now be more than one additional page in medical_refund.body.html: one for the doctor and one for the pharmacy.

  • The demo fixture lino_welfare.modlib.aids.fixtures.demo now generates use cases for this. That is, for some of the AMK grantings it generates an additional DMH granting.

Secondary changes:

  • welfare.aids.Granting now has a custom manager with a method get_by_aidtype() which is being used by both welfare.isip.ContractBase.get_aid_type() and welfare.aids.Confirmation.get_urgent_granting(). welfare.isip.Contract no longer has a get_grantings method.

Other changes en passant:

  • Minor changes in General overview of Lino Welfare.

  • atelier.fablib almost destroyed the README files of commondata and its children. These are projects with only one page of documentation, i.e. without a tree of Sphinx docs. So their README file contains that single page and is manually written. And loads long_description from that file.

TODO (needs user feedback)

  • The text of the additional page generated in medical_refund.body.html needs to be adapted for when it is running on the pharmacy.