Thursday, January 8, 2015

ChildCollector has no attribute “add_batch”

I wrote a new tutorial /tutorials/mti/index. This content is actually old. Until now they were in lino.test_apps.mti.tests, where nobody could find them. And furthermore they were not being tested. And when I added them to the test suite, this revealed that lino.utils.mti.delete_child() was no longer working with recent Django versions. It failed with above error message. I didn’t investigate when exactly it stopped to work: theoretically it should have stopped with Django 1.6.x but, the online demos use Django 1.6.5 and seem to not have a problem.

And yet another new tutorial, especially for Mahmoud: /tutorials/letsmti/index adds polymorphism to the LETS tutorial.

Released Lino 1.6.17

I released Lino 1.6.17 on PyPI.