Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Upload shortcuts

Worked on #47. Another new feature: Lino now has the concept of upload shortcuts. These are technically like excerpt shortcuts, which means that much code was copied, and that configuration is similar. They are the long-awaited successor for the now deprecated quick_upload_buttons hack.

The first upload shortcut is id_document, visible for newcomer agents in the Coachings panel of a pcsw.Client.

You are busy with … (#61)

Meditating about lino.modlib.reception.models.MyBusyVisitors.get_welcome_messages(). In fact they maybe don’t want a list of guests but a list of events. The difference is rather theoretical for the moment because they will use it for individual consultations with one guest. But if there’s more than one guest, they want to be able to close the meeting with a single click (followed by a confirmation).

Lino in Egypt

Mahmoud finished a first draft of commondata-eg. This is his first full-fledged Python project which might theoretically be useful to other people.

commondata-eg is for Egypt what is for Belgium and for Estonia: a central place for maintaining public and free common data in a more semantic form than Wikipedia. I wanted him to do this in order to get in touch with my way of doing projects.

If you read the README of commondata-eg until the end, you can see that this project provides Egyptian place names in both English and Arabic. For me, this is a visible sign of hope for a nonviolent relation between Christian and Muslim world in a time after Charlie hebdo. Lino becomes part of the world’s prayer for peace on earth :-)

Worked on API documentation

I converted the docstrings of some more modules lino.modlib.excerpts, lino.modlib.outbox and

Mahmoud started with Lino Così

In a one hour voice session I made a presentation of Lino Così to Mahmoud. We discovered lots of small and serious problems. One of them is #67 (Payment suggestion mixes up debit with credit).